Work: Stadtwind
Location: Berlin
Date: 2018 

Details: This project in collaboration with Meret Sonnenschein was developed on the basis of the seminar Self-Shaping Textiles, SS18, Supervision Agata Kycia.

City and nature, two words that at first sight form opposites. But we do not understand the urban space as an urban desert, but rather as a structure of both. The wind tunnels in the relief of our city have always generated strong natural energy flows. This is exactly where our modular and autonomous systems come in. They cover the city like lichen where they can most easily and effectively extract and use this wind energy. This creates an additional link in the large energy cycle, one for which we can determine the further output.

Our actuator sensor system ‚Stadtwind‘ is a surface printed on textile in 3D, which becomes a three-dimensional ‚fluttering‘ structure through targeted cuts and its residual stress.
A decentralized system which underlines the importance of self sustainability and is completely inefficient but effective.

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Collaborators were Fablab.Berlin and Textile Prototyping Lab

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