Work: Shifting Stones
Location: Berlin
Date: 2017 

Details: This project, created in collaboration with Jack Randol and Malu Lücking, won the second place at the student competion „Textile Strukturen für neues Bauen 2017“ at the Frankfurter Messe. (to Detail article)

The competion was sponsord by Architonic, ILEK Stuttgart and Tensinet.

Basalt fiber is a new building material; recognized for its brute strength, heat resistance, sustainability and significant price advantage compared to other high performance fibers such as carbon fiber. In its application the material is often buried in concrete, treated with epoxy resin and other materials that hide its aesthetic qualities. In Shifting Stone inspiration is taken from the origin of the material, basalt stone in transformation from flowing lava to hard stone and back again slower than our eyes can comprehend in normal circumstances. To capture these geological phenomena a prewoven basalt fabric is manipulated to highlight the organic movement of the fibers and incorporated into a building façade element that is set into motion due to the changing weather.

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